What should I do in case of a plumbing emergency?

Tai Irwin
27 Nov 2013

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How to handle a Plumbing Emergency

North Shore 24 Hour Emergency PlumberWhen you are faced with a plumbing emergency of any kind, the important first thing to remember is to act quickly. If the toilet is clogged and water running all over, the sink won’t drain, or a faucet handle comes off the very first step will be to turn off the water at its source. For the toilet the water shut off is near the floor right next to the toilet, for the sink or faucet it will be underneath the sink and there will be two. Once you have turned off the water and cleaned up the offending mess the next step for most homeowners will be to call a professional to the rescue.

The process of selecting the right plumber will come down to only a few key factors, one being price, another being availability, and third being reputation. Because you will not know exactly what needs to be done to fix your plumbing problem, the first thing to consider is the availability and necessity of the professional at the time. If you are able to survive for a short period of time without the offending device, it is better not to utilize emergency services because of cost if you don’t have to, but if the broken item is absolutely necessary, such as the only toilet or shower in the house, then an emergency plumber is the right option for you, but if you have alternatives, then save yourself a bit of money and have one scheduled for a more convenient time. The other issues to consider is reputation, there are a ton of places to check out the reputation of plumbers in your area so here again if you have time to get the job scheduled, make sure you check out their reputation and service record.

With the water off and the plumber on the their way, the only other thing you can really do is wait and try to relax. With a professional with a good reputation and who responds quickly when needed on their way you should have no problem getting through your plumbing emergency situation.

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