Drain Cleaning Problems? Contact Your Plumber About High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Tai Irwin
30 Aug 2013

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Things to know about high pressure drain cleaning

North Shore High Pressure Drain CleaningCleaning your sewer drain is an extremely important maintenance requirement for your home. If your sewer drain is not properly cleaned, debris, sediment, and tree roots can buildup in the pipe and cause a sewer backup. When sewage backs-up into your basement, damage can be extensive. Just think of the amount of money required to repair water damage to your floors, hot water tank, furnace, and furnishings. Additionally, any time you have water damage, there is a risk of dangerous mold growth. Black mold is exceptionally hard to get rid of, and when left to grow, can make anyone who is exposed to it sick. Before any of these misfortunes occur to your home, and before you have any drain cleaning problems, you should call a plumber about high pressure drain cleaning.

High pressure drain cleaning is the best way to remove debris, sediment, obstructions, and tree roots from your sewer drain, leaving it flowing freely. The high pressure drain cleaning process uses sophisticated water jets to spray water at over 3,500 PSI through your drain. This high pressure water will quickly remove sediment, debris, obstructions and tree roots, protecting your home against costly sewer back-ups.

When you have a drain cleaning problem, many plumbers use sewer snakes or chemicals to clean your drain. Chemicals and sewer snakes do not clean your drain as well as high pressure drain cleaning, and they often leave behind debris that can obstruct the drain again in the future. Additionally, the use of sewer snakes and chemicals can not only damage your drain, harsh chemicals used to clean drains are very detrimental to the environment. The high pressure drain cleaning process only uses high pressure water to clean your drain, protecting your drain from damage, and protecting the environment from damage also.

A clean drain will prevent sewage backups that can cause extensive damage to your home and your health. If you have a drain cleaning problem, contact us plumber about high pressure drain cleaning. High pressure drain cleaning will get your drain as clean as it can be, without the possibility of damage that can be caused by sewer snakes and chemicals, leaving your drain free of obstructions, and flowing freely.

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