Is Your Sump Pump in Need of Maintenance?

Tai Irwin
18 Oct 2013

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Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Maintenance

North Shore Sump PumpA sump pump is a device that is used to get rid of water that has been accumulating in the basement of a home. Sump pumps are often used whenever a basement floods with water. Sump pumps work by sending water away from a home to a place where the water is not be a problem such as a dry well or a municipal storm drain.

It is important to note that sump pumps may need maintenance from time to time; especially if you hear odd noises coming from your sump pump. If you hear noises coming from your sump pump, there could be dirt or other matter inside the system.

Another sign that your sump pump may need maintenance is if you notice a strong, unpleasant smell. This may mean that there is backed up material in the system.

If you notice rising water, that is a sure sign that your sump pump needs maintenance. Rising water means that the sump pump is not working. A damaged impeller or a broken pump may be the cause.

If you notice any of the above concerns, call a professional plumber. He or she can help you find out what is causing the problem and then take care of the situation. 

If you find that your sump pump breaks down and needs repair, call a plumbing company and they will evaluate your sump pump and repair it so that it works efficiently and safely. Plumbers will check your pump, inspect the motor and if possible, repair it so that it works as it should. Most plumbers agree that to keep a sump pump running well, it should be checked often to ensure that it doesn’t clog up or ruin the motor.

To conclude, to keep your sump pump working well, talk with a plumber soon. They can assist you with various options available, especially maintenance, repair or replacement of your sump pump.

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