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Blocked Drain Services

Why do blocked drains occur?

When a drain problem happens in your Northern Beaches or North Shore home, it is important that the individual contact professional drain services as soon as they’re able to so that they can get their drains back to normality as soon as possible. Further damage and expense is incurred when delays are placed on fixing these types of problems.


Blocked drain due to sagging pipe

People forget that the earth is a moving and living thing and that the ground is constantly changing beneath us. Pipes can sink and create little valleys due to ground or soil conditions, where toilet paper and other waste can collect. To repair these types of problems, you need the right excavation equipment and experience to cause minimal damage to the surrounding area and unblock drains effectively.

When our professional pipeline repair services are called out to a blocked drain Northern Beaches way, they come prepared with materials to immediately stop the leak and prevent it from further flooding, while a plan of action is developed to replace the pipeline. Our professional services are able to determine what pipelines might need to be replaced and then the plan is reviewed by the property owner before a decision is made. It is important that you can reach us at anytime. Oftentimes pipes burst unexpectedly so it is best to know you are able to contact a company that is available anytime of the day or night.




Blocked drain caused by root intrusion

Having lovely gardens and beautiful big trees on your property can be really enjoyable. For a plumber, it means tree or root obstruction is often the first place to look for problems with the pipes. Oftentimes, existing pipe defects have allowed for shrub roots to grow into and take over the pipes where there is ample water for them to grow. This can cause a blocked drain Northen Beaches homes are particularly succeptable. Luckily enough, this common problem has a solution and we have the perfect equipment designed specifically to clear this type of organic matter.




Drains blocked

Drains can become blocked from any manner of nasties! Bathroom drains full of excess hair, soap scum and grime. Kitchen drains from grease build up, and food and foreign objects pushed through the grate. A tree root, wad of toilet paper or foreign object could be down the line causing havoc. We provide sewer cleaning services, using a variety of techniques to unblock drains and storm water lines.

Leaking joints

Pipes aren’t normally in one long piece, so it’s natural that with movement in the earth that the seals linking the pipes can wear down and disintegrate. This can mean water and waste leaking out through the cracks into the surrounding ground.We can diagnose this as your problem using advancing pipe lining equipment, meaning no excavation.


Pipes can be in place for many years. Sometimes these pipes have deteriorated with age, which can cause the structural form of the pipe to cave in and it’s the pipe itself that is restricting the flow of the sewer. We use cameras and other methods to detect and diagnose these problems and resolve the damage quickly.


Professional plumbing services from Tai Irwin Plumbing in Northern Beaches, NSW Australia are available to anyone, anytime whenever they are in the need of plumbing repair including all blocked drains and drain inspection. In business since 1985, the knowledgeable team members are more than capable of handling any pipeline blockages and equipped to remove them alongside repairing the entire pipeline if necessary.

Have one or multiple blocked drains in your home? Leaders in clearing blocked drains Northern Beaches and North Shore, Tai Irwin plumbers can resolve your plumbing issues quick smart. Call Tai Irwin Plumbing today!


Broken, cracked, collapsed pipe
Pipes can be damaged pipes due to tree roots growing in, soil movement, and building or landscaping works. We can avoid excavation with a range of techniques to locate and diagnose your blocked drain problems.


Fiona McAuley
Fiona McAuley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

All the team at Tai Irwin Plumbing are fantastic. Rod is always available to take your call and schedule the job in at a time convenient to you. Dave has done two jobs recently for us and he was so professional, on time and reliable. He was happy to answer all my questions and even got on speaker phone to my partner who wanted to talk through the options on that particular job. All the team are personable and competent. Amazing work guys!

Diana Wei
Diana Wei

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Honest and reliable tradesman - a rare find! Best plumbing service I have ever used and very reasonable pricing.

Lukuz Downz
Lukuz Downz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

always great service.

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