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Read more about our pipe relining services on the North Shore and Northern Beaches.

Pipe Relining Northern Beaches and North Shore Services

Looking for reliable, cost-effective pipe relining solutions for your North Shore or Northern Beaches home? Call Tai Irwin Plumbing now to learn more about how we can help you today.

Relining pipes is a bit of an art form to ensure the relining product is properly aligned to the damaged area to ensure the guarantee of fixing the problem. Our qualified and fully licensed plumbers offer specialised reline services and can install pipe re-liners to seamlessly fix pipes up from within the pipe without excavation or damage to your house. This method can be the most cost-effective way to resolve a cracked pipe as it can all be done from above ground or with minimal damage to your home, without any replacement costs on your landscaping, driveway or property in general. Not only are you saving money, you are saving the time it would take to replace all of the surrounding area and the inconvenience it poses to your family in the interim period. It also shortens the length of time you have a team of trades in your home and in your way, while you try to go about your day-to-day activities.

We promise we won't dig up your yard

Our team of plumbers are trained to repair and replace broken sections of pipe to prevent damaging your yard through expensive and messy excavations. We know there’s nothing fun about having plumbers about with noisy equipment and want to keep inconvenience to your family to the absolute minimum.

Relining pipes in your Northern Beaches or North Shore is a cost-effective solution in comparison to the overwhelming alternatives, which feature both large costs and upheaval.

At Tai Irwin plumbers, we are service professionals who understand how the piping and utilities work in your house, and can repair any damage that has been done in a relatively short period of time. Any cost you pay up front is well worth your safety and the continual operation of your critical utilities. We can also offer advice on how to prevent these situations from occurring again, and ways to remedy the circumstance in the event that they do.

In the instance that we do have to resort to excavation, we will be sure to discuss with you the seriousness of the situation and what will need to be included in the pipe repair works for your approval before commencing any work.

How does pipe relining work?

Pipe relining is relatively new in Australia, though it has a 25-year proven history of success in Europe and the United States. In Europe, hundreds of kilometres of pipes have been relined using this system to perfect success! Speak to us about the longevity and guarantee we offer on pipe relining Northern Beaches and North Shore homes.


The product works via a piece of inflatable tubing being pushed down or pulled through the pipe and then the bladder is inflated in the appropriate location to replace the original piece of piping, bonding it with an epoxy resin. The products we use are the best quality and are offered under complete warranty for both the product itself and the workmanship that goes with it. Another benefit is that the whole pipe doesn’t need replacing or relining as the product can be used to line sections of pipe only so as not to incur extra costs.

We provide upfront costing’s for all works to be carried out and explain to you as the homeowner what will be used in materials and labour costs. It’s important to us that you understand the scope of works and know the cost upfront to make the right choice for repairs to your home and for your family.


Your family first

You have many pipes running through your house, and getting them repaired when they crack or leak is paramount to your family’s safety. In the event of a leaking pipe in your home, you should contact a qualified professional that can quickly fix the leak or crack and minimise the ongoing damage to your property before mould and mildew has the chance to set in.

Working on properties that need these problems fixed is something we have extensive experience in, and we can definitely help you with any repairs or installation services you require. It’s invaluable having the right person for the job, with the right knowledge, at the right time – with the right tools to help! You can rest easy making the decision to call a Tai Irwin plumber out to your home to provide perfect service and value for money.

Looking for reliable, cost-effective pipe relining solutions for your Northern Beaches or North Shore home? Call Tai Irwin Plumbing to learn more about how we can help you today.

Fiona McAuley
Fiona McAuley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

All the team at Tai Irwin Plumbing are fantastic. Rod is always available to take your call and schedule the job in at a time convenient to you. Dave has done two jobs recently for us and he was so professional, on time and reliable. He was happy to answer all my questions and even got on speaker phone to my partner who wanted to talk through the options on that particular job. All the team are personable and competent. Amazing work guys!

Diana Wei
Diana Wei

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Honest and reliable tradesman - a rare find! Best plumbing service I have ever used and very reasonable pricing.

Lukuz Downz
Lukuz Downz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

always great service.

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