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Is your tap dripping or leaking? Would you really like to replace your tap set for mixers? Does your shower head have no pressure? If you are ready to have someone with the know-how when it comes to tap installation, we are here to get the job done for you. Call Tai Irwin Plumbing now to schedule an appointment with our friendly, knowledgeable staff to be one step closer to completing your kitchen or bathroom remodelling project!


Do I need my taps serviced?

At first, you may notice a tiny drip coming out of the tap after the water is turned off. You keep tightening the handle, more and more, but still the water keeps dripping. Over time your taps and faucets can fall victim to the effects of age and erosion on their washers, handles and spouts. You should have a professional plumber help you fix or replace your tap before the leak becomes a major plumbing problem. Repairing or replacing your old taps has many economical advantages. A dripping water tap wastes more water per month than most people realise. You can save the cost of all the wasted water and reap the benefits of a more water efficient and reliable water tap or faucet by repairing or replacing your taps.

Do I need my tap repaired?

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In many cases, your existing tap is in fine shape, and just needs to be repaired. We have experienced and trained professionals that can diagnose and repair any problems with your existing tap. The tap may only need some basic repairs, such as, the installation of new washers. We can repair your old tap and make it work as good as new. This is especially important in those cases where the old tap has some historical period value or otherwise adds to the aesthetics of the room and can not be easily replaced with a modern tap. Call us and we can have a plumbing specialist assist you with your custom tap repair or see if we need replace it.

Or do I need my tap replaced?

Updating the taps in your house can be a very wise and prudent thing to do. Modern taps are not only attractive, and easy to clean, but they are also water efficient and are a good long term investment. Modern plumbing taps are made to last longer than many of the older original types of taps. With the focus shifting to water preservation, today’s water taps are designed to minimise the waste of water, and in turn save you money. When you install a new water tap you can count on years of trouble free service. We can replace all your current water taps or faucets at an easily affordable rate. Call us now. We are always available to you for fast, friendly and professional tap installation services.


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Fiona McAuley
Fiona McAuley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

All the team at Tai Irwin Plumbing are fantastic. Rod is always available to take your call and schedule the job in at a time convenient to you. Dave has done two jobs recently for us and he was so professional, on time and reliable. He was happy to answer all my questions and even got on speaker phone to my partner who wanted to talk through the options on that particular job. All the team are personable and competent. Amazing work guys!

Diana Wei
Diana Wei

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Honest and reliable tradesman - a rare find! Best plumbing service I have ever used and very reasonable pricing.

Lukuz Downz
Lukuz Downz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

always great service.

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