Why is my garbage disposal not working?

Tai Irwin
20 Dec 2013

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Reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed

North Shore Garbage DisposalA properly working garbage disposal is an invaluable kitchen tool. It’s out-of-sight, easy-to-use and makes quick work of disposing of food waste. The frequent usage and unsavory work these hard-working appliances do occasionally leads to mechanical problems, like the garbage disposal getting jammed.

If you turn the garbage disposal on and all you hear is a humming sound followed by silence (the silence is due to the circuit breaker of the garbage disposal or the kitchen flipping off), the jam is probably caused by a stuck flywheel. This garbage disposal jam is caused from overloading the disposal and/or placing inappropriate objects in the appliance. Re-set the power for the room (if needed) and call a plumber to get the disposal’s flywheel unstuck. Leave the power off to the disposal and don’t stick anything down inside of it.

The grind rings of a garbage disposal sometimes get jammed too and must be loosened with a special hex wrench. This jam usually doesn’t cause a humming sound or power outage. When the grind ring is jammed, the disposal will sound like it is going to work, but doesn’t.

Gunk build-up on the impeller blades inside the garbage disposal can also lead to a jammed machine. Frequent usage without proper cleaning leads to food debris adhering to the interior blades and other moving parts, creating a buildup and preventing the blades from turning.

While not exactly a jammed machine, an overheated motor will stop a garbage disposal in its tracks. The motor can overheat from being used for a prolonged period of time or from the machine handling a larger-than-normal load. If you suspect the motor has overheated and stopped your machine, feel of the bottom of the garbage disposal (under the cabinet). If it’s warm or hot to the touch, the motor has overheated and shut down the machine, Allow the garbage disposal to cool, then turn it on. If it works, all is well, if not, call a plumber.

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