Why is my water heater making weird noises?

Tai Irwin
24 Oct 2013

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Does your water heater need maintenance?

North Shore Water HeaterIn today’s world, most modern families use a hot water heater as often as they use a fork. It is one of the basic essentials we expect to have in our homes for bathing, cleaning and cooking. If your unit breaks down suddenly without warning, it can throw off the balance of your happy functional home and create uncomfortable obstacles in your daily life. Before this unexpected problem happens to you it’s a good idea to learn the basic tell all sign that your hot water heater is due for some work. 

The first obvious sign is really a question of age. How old is your unit? If it is more than a few years old then it might be a good idea to get it checked out and assessed. Hot water heaters generally last depending on what kind of energy they use. If it’s a gas heater, the expected life span is about 5 to 8 years; however an electric unit is expected to run about 10 years. If it has been several years since being replaced or maintained, then getting it checked out would be a smart idea.

Another very important sign that your unit is suffering can be determined by the color of your water. If the water in your home is cloudy or brown it may be an indication that your system is rusting out. To do a test simply get a white cup or bowl and fill it up with tap water and inspect the color. If it looks suspicious, then some attention to your unit may be in order.

Last but not least, if your hot water heater is making loud banging noises when you use the hot water, then you’re heating elements may be in trouble. When your heating coils have to work extra hard to heat the water they shake and make a loud noise that can sometimes be heard throughout your home.

Just knowing these simple signs can help you to avoid unexpected problems in the future ensuring that you will have a happy and comfortable home.

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