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Converting to gas plumbing on the Northern Beaches

Converting to gas plumbing on the Northern Beaches

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Converting to gas plumbing

Over more than 30 years of plumbing on the northern beaches, we’ve seen a growing number of our customers switch over to gas hot water heating. And we can’t say we’re surprised! Gas is cheaper, more reliable and better for the environment. If you’re considering gas line installation there’s probably a number of questions you have. Here’s our 411 on what you need to know about installing gas plumbing in your northern beaches home.

Why convert to gas plumbing?

Heating your water with gas instead of electricity has many benefits. Gas is significantly cheaper, and with about 30% of your home energy bill coming from your hot water usage, switching to gas can lead to noticeable savings in your monthly bills.

Gas hot water is also much more reliable than electricity – because it’s piped in via underground pipes, your hot water supply will never be at the mercy of the weather. Gas hot water also heats up much quicker, and generates a steady flow. Because gas heaters are literally heating the water as you’re using it, having a gas hot water system in your home means you’ll never have to worry about cold showers again.

Using gas instead of electricity will also lower your home’s carbon footprint – a factor that we know is becoming increasingly important to our environmentally minded customers.

It’s simpler than you think:
Most people are surprised with how easy it is to convert their northern beaches home to gas. Here’s the 4 steps that are involved:

1. Availability:

First things first, we need to make sure there is natural gas available in your neighbourhood. Most streets in the northern beaches do have gas lines, and one quick way to find out is to look for gas meters in your neighbours front yards! If being a nosey neighbour isn’t quite your thing, you can check with natural gas online to see if your area has access.

2. Get connected:

This can be done simply by getting in contact with a gas utility company directly. Not sure which gas provider you want to go with? Check out Switchwise – a consumer website that let’s you easily compare what’s available and find the best option for your needs.

3.Gas line installation:

Have one of our certified, local northern beaches plumbers install your gas piping. The complexity of this varies from house to house, but we can install the pipes either underground or alongside your house so whatever your situation, we will find the perfect solution for you! The other factor to consider is how many meters of piping you will need. This depends on the size of your home, how many points you’re having set up, and how far away you are from the gas main. Each situation is unique, so the best thing to do is have a chat to our team – we can investigate your situation and provide you with an honest, upfront quote before beginning the work.

4. Install your new water heater:

Gas water heaters can only be installed by an appropriately licensed gas plumber. At Tai Irwin Plumbing, our team are fully certified and have years of experience with gas plumbing in the northern beaches. There are a number of quality brands which offer gas hot water systems, and we are more than happy to give your our expert recommendation on which system is right for your home.

Beyond the water:

Loving your new gas hot water system? There’s no need to stop there. Gas is a fantastic energy source for home heating and cooking, too. We’ve also helped many of our customers make the most of their outdoor living by installing gas heaters in patios and backyards.

Because the ongoing costs of using gas are much cheaper than electricity, the more appliances you switch over, the more you will save in the long run. There’s no need to do it all at once either. Simply let our northern beaches plumbers know while they are installing your gas pipes and they’ll be sure to add enough points to see you right for any gas appliances you might want in the future.

The most important thing when making the switch to gas is to make sure you’re working with qualified experts. Our gas specialists are fully certified, and will supply compliance certificates for all gas line services and installation after completion. If you’re thinking of making a switch over to gas, talk to the Tai Irwin team today.

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