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Are you hearing awful noises, or has it completely stopped working? Is your garbage disposal just not draining? Call Tai Irwin Plumbing for quick, cost-effective garbage disposal services including repairs and replacements.

Garbage Disposal Services for:

  • Gurgling and scraping noises
  • Non responsive garbage disposal systems
  • Replacement or installation of upgrades
  • Non draining or slow draining disposals

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The garbage disposal is one of those items in your home that you take full advantage of daily without a second thought. Of course, like any other machine in your home, issues are going to come up. One day you will hear a sound coming from your disposal, one that sounds like metal that is grinding against metal. When this happens, DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL.
It might be something as simple as an avocado seed or a teaspoon that has gotten in there and gotten lodged – but whatever it is will likely have caused damage to the blades and could lead to large scale problems such as flooding and back flow issues down the track.

You are going to need a professional to come out and take care of the garbage disposal repair for you. As with any other home maintenance issues, using a professional that is affordable, reliable and licensed is a no brainer – so call Tai Irwin Plumbing and Draining to take care of your garbage disposal repairs or replacement today.

Garbage Disposal Sinks Common Issues - We Can Help You Resolve:

While your garbage disposal can take on a lot of chores, there are some items that it can’t take on, namely any type of metal or other hard material that cannot be broken down by the blades. Something as small as a pebble can lead to issues, causing the machine to either make strange noises, or stop altogether. While you can try the reset button under your sink to try and restart a stopped garbage disposal that is really all that you can do.

Most of the time having a handy local plumber with experience in resolving your garbage disposal issues is all you need to get back to functioning like normal.

Looking for a Green Garbage Disposal System?

If you live in an apartment (like most of Sydney), or have no room for a compost bin – a garbage disposal is the greenest way for you to dispose of your fruit and veggie waste. There’s no need for a full renovation to pop one in – just call your local plumber, Tai Irwin Plumbing and Draining, and we can give you the best advice to upgrade your kitchen sink system to include this environmentally friendly option.
A garbage disposal system can also help with pest management in the home, reducing the amount of decaying waste left in the bin. If you have repeat pest problems – installing a garbage disposal system might be the answer for you!
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