How do I know if my home needs to be repiped?

How do I know if my home needs to be repiped?


Signs Your Home Needs To Be Repiped

Plumbing maintenance is necessary and should not be ignored. Many home owners tend to procrastinate or avoid any signs that a home needs to be re-piped. Most cases are due to the expenses involved. One must pay attention to any signs of re-pipping; in the long run it would be beneficial.


Leaking is one of the primary signs that pipes need to be replaced. If pipes are leaking, more than likely the entire system needs to be replaced to prevent extensive rusting and corrosion. A decrease in water pressure is an indication that some corrosion inside the pipe is blocking the water from getting through. This can be very frustrating. This problem is common in houses with steel or galvanized piping. When air gets in the pipes it causes spurts which causes unnecessary spitting. This issue can become a prolonged problem. Strange tasting water can be a problem causing serious contamination.


Rust colored water is an indication of worn out pipes. The iron from the water may have clung to the pipes and begun to rust. In some cases, the colored water may run for a few minutes and begin to clear. In such incidences, the pipes need to be checked out by professionals and not ignored as some people do.


Some pipes may be hidden in the walls or underneath the floor. It can be extremely difficult to spot any leakages until extensive damage is caused. Old pipes can damage the value of the house. Looking for signs that a house needs to be re-piped in advance will save individuals unnecessary expenses. Plumbing in the home lasts a long time and can easily be ignored till the last minute.


Since damages are normally caused by old pipes, replacing these pipes can be very expensive. Regular maintenance or upkeep can eliminate the expenses. Some people try to fix the pipes themselves hoping that they will save some money. With little experience, mistakes can easily be made which can easily be disastrous. As such, it is recommended to get a skilled professional to do all the complex work and check ups.


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