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How To Prevent Plumbing Problems During Holiday Travel

How To Prevent Plumbing Problems During Holiday Travel

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How To Prevent Plumbing Problems During Holiday Travel

It’s time to celebrate the end of another year with the festive season! And there’s nothing quite like getting away from everything with a holiday trip, to spend some time with your family and friends.


However, being away from home for an extended period of time means that the risk of something happening while you’re away is much higher; especially when it comes to your plumbing! Whether it’s a leaky tap causing water to be wasted, or even a flood causing damage to your home while you’re away, no one wants to come home to a disaster – or a higher than expected water bill!


Which is why we’ve got some quick ways you can prevent plumbing problems while on holiday, so you can have a stress-free break.

Our top tips to prevent plumbing problems while you’re away

Clean out gutters and other areas

Maybe you’ve been putting it off, or maybe you’ve just been busy as the year wraps up, but cleaning out your gutters, taps, sinks and other areas before you jet off is a must. With Sydney summers bringing their fair share of rainy days, clogged gutters can be a nightmare if left for too long. The leaf litter and other debris is known to reek as it decomposes and will most likely block water flow.


Cleaning your taps and sinks also helps to maintain any fixtures you might have; but remember to be gentle! Harsh, abrasive cleansers can often do more damage than good, so use vinegar and a toothbrush or cloth instead.

Get your house checked by your local plumber

Have you been ignoring that leaky tap on the second floor bathroom? Maybe there’s a spot that’s always leaking whenever it rains, but you’ve gotten used to the bucket in the corner to catch the drips? Now is the perfect time to get your house checked out, before something happens while you’re not home!


We’ve seen it all, and we’re familiar with the nasty emergency plumbing situations that can happen while you’re gone. Getting a professional to have a look will not only give you peace of mind before you hit the road, but a proactive checkup may prevent larger plumbing problems down the track. And best of all — you won’t return to that tap tripping in the background anymore.

Turn off the main water supply

Something that often gets overlooked when homeowners travel is turning off the main water supply, especially if you’re going to be away from home for more than a week. If there’s an undetected leak, you never want it to be able to run amok while you’re not there — water lying around in the pipes while you’re gone can easily go stagnant. And where there’s stagnant water in Sydney, there are often mosquitoes.


Make sure you turn off the main water supply and let the taps run until no water comes out before you leave the house. When you return, you might have to wait a while before the water runs again but it beats a waterlogged home full of mosquitos any day.

Get a house sitter

If you’re going to be gone a while but you know someone who could help you out in this regard, you can get a house sitter to look after your home while you’re gone. Make sure they have a copy of the emergency numbers in case anything happens while you’re gone, including the number for your local plumber so they’re prepared for everything! If you have a pet and would love someone to look after both your house and your best friend, check out Happy House Sitters to get someone who’s happy to look after both while you’re away.

Going away for a break at the end of the year is always great, and you shouldn’t let a fear of plumbing problems get in the way! With these tips, you can prepare and prevent plumbing problems from occurring while you’re away – and if you’d like us to help you out before you leave, feel free to get in touch. As your local plumber, we’re ready to make sure you’re prepared to enjoy your holiday without worrying about clogged pipes and flooding

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