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Most irritating and time-consuming problems are those which are small and unexpected. The best example of it is leaking taps. We hardly find any time from our busy schedule for ourselves but, when water leaks and gets in your house you have to waste your whole day trying to fix it. Repairing a leaked type is not rocket science. It is just that we do not have all the tools and techniques to do the job. Even if we manage to get it still it takes time for us to understand the problem and work accordingly.

It is always better to let the professionals handle such things. If you are living in the Belrose we can provide our best men for the work related to Leaking Taps &Β Toilets. It will not only help to keep up with your schedule but fix your problem once for all.

Some Simple Steps to Repair the Leaking Tap in Belrose

Everything can be solved if you know the right technique and have the tools. Here are some simple steps that we perform to repair the leaking taps:-

Step 1:- Identification of the Problem

Tap generally has two vital parts that are suspected to cause problems. If your tap is leaking even after closing it, the problem is in the washer. If water is leaking from the base or from the stem pipe, the problem is in the O-ring. We can help you in solving both kinds of problems.
Step 2:- Remove the Handle
If you turn the screw of the handle screw in the anticlockwise direction, the handle will be removed. Before that, you must take care that all water from the tap is removed. You can turn off the main water tap and remove all water. Now the handle is detached from the stem.

Step 3:- Remove the Covering

Cover of the tap is easy to remove with the help of hand, you can also use a spanner for that purpose. Now the bonnet of the tap is visible and it can be easily separated with hand.

Step 4:- Fixing the Tap

Now the O- ring and jumper valve is completely visible. Jumper valve will easily move out and you can remove the damaged part and replace it with a new one

Step 5:- Replace the Parts

Use a new O-ring or Jumper valve, you can use any adhesive lubricant to fix the parts. Check well before fixing it back.

Step 6:- Reassemble the Tap


Arrange the parts at their original place. Use a spanner to fix the nuts, make sure you do not let the nuts become too loose or too tight. Now after arranging the tap as it was you can check it by turning on the flow of water. If your tap is still leaking you can simply tighten all the parts.

If you still don’t know how to repair a leaking tap, don’t worry! Call the experts at Australian Hot Water and we’ll ask one of our expert plumbers to help you out.

Get the Best Tap Fixing Service in Belrose
Replacing your tap in time can save a lot of water and energy from draining out. If you still find it hard you can just contact us and we will send our best men for the task. We provide our service in Belrose.

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