Pre Winter home maintenance to do’s

Pre Winter home maintenance to do’s

Pre Winter home maintenance to do’s

Winter is coming and while it doesn’t snow in most areas of New South Wales it remains important to prepare your home and its surrounds for the colder months in order to avoid a few unhappy problems. Nobody wants to have to be up on the roof or dealing with a burst pipe in the dead of Winter, so it’s important to book in your drain cleaning before June hits.

Tai Irwin Plumbers knows the problems that can be caused after Autumn leaves have dropped everywhere and the cold temperatures are beginning to affect your pipes. To avoid a bigger Winter problem here are some handy tips to get you prepared for the chilly months.

Mould and Mildew

Caused by a leaking roof, cracked pipes, or poorly ventilated spaces with high moisture, mould and mildew build up can be dangerous to you and your family’s respiratory health. Before it starts to get cold outside make sure to clean any existing mildew and mould from walls and roofs. You can avoid the build up of mould in your walls or on your ceiling by contacting your plumber for a routine pipe and drain inspection.

Book in a drain cleaning

Autumn will have taken its toll on most of your trees. Excess leaf litter can make its way into your outdoor drains and cause a potential headache during the Winter months. A professional, high pressure drain cleaning service will ensure you don’t experience major blockages while ensuring your drains stay free from bacteria during Winter, preventing clogged pipes and nasty smells

Pipes are more likely to crack due to cold temperatures in Winter so it’s important to keep up with drain cleaning and pipe maintenance even during the colder months. Detecting a small crack or deficiency in your pipe early can help you to avoid a bigger crack or burst when it gets colder outside.

Smoke Detectors

Statistics show that 43% of fatal house fires start in Winter. Before Winter make sure you have a suitable number of smoke detectors installed and test that they are all functioning properly. Get your local electrician to check your appliances and keep heaters away from flammable material, curtains and blankets.

Clean your gutters

Throughout Autumn the gutters of our home are usually full of leaves, twigs and other gunk. It’s important to clear the waste from your gutters to prevent drainage issues. These leaves can also fall into drains below causing further headaches that you don’t need. In very cold parts of NSW wet and decomposing leaf matter can become frozen and lead to roof and gutter damage. While you’re at it, why not trim back some of the branches and leaves that might cause a problem in the months to come.

Hot water check-up

Cold showers aren’t fun and they are even worse when it’s chilly outside. Before Winter you might want to get your hot water heater inspected to ensure it is fully functioning and without fault (like a gas leak). Your hot water heater has to work harder to keep water warm during Winter so it’s important to keep up with its proper maintenance to avoid possible problems.

With these tips in mind, why not create a Winter to-do list now so that you don’t forget. Use the end of daylight savings as a yearly reminder to get started. While you’re at it you can get in contact with us for a quick upfront quote on our drain cleaning and pipe inspection services. We can get your plumbing Winter-ready and save you the hassle of calling us out in the middle of the night for a bigger problem. You can reach the team at Tai Irwin Plumbing on 02 9199 7485.

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