Are you ready for the Summer storm season?

Are you ready for the Summer storm season?

Are you ready for the Summer storm season?

Summer’s here and as we Australians know, that normally means the oncoming storm. Preparation for storm season easily goes by the wayside in favour of much funner pursuits – we totally get it! But there are some great and easy tips/jobs/plans you can make in advance to prevent the worst of what could happen. Plumbers in Sydney can get pretty busy during the silly season, so it can pay to be organised.

Have you got a power out plan?

It seems simple to own a torch, some candles and a lighter or box of matches, but is yours stored handily all together in the event of a power out? With the lights out you can be scrambling around looking for a torch before you realise it doesn’t have any batteries. Save yourself the trouble and put together a storm kit of the things you will need quickly and store it somewhere accessible. We keep ours under the laundry sink – ready for action in a low position thats easy for anyone to get too. Take into consideration the age groups in your family before choosing the location as some items may not be child friendly.

Has your property got appropriate drainage?

A sudden influx of water during a storm is hard labour on fully working drainage systems, let alone ones that are hindered by clogged up matter or tree roots. We’ve all driven down the road and seen storm water drains overflowing – we want to avoid that happening at your home. If you have noticed sinks slowly draining anywhere in the house or the toilet is having any trouble, now is the time to get it sorted, before the heavy downpour. Call your local North Shore plumber and the boys at Tai Irwin Plumbing will have your drains and sewers cleaned efficiently with high pressure equipment.

Have you considered installing water filtration?

With the temperature soaring, we tend to make our lifestyle revolved around the water. From filling up a portable pool, making ice for summer barbeques, washing out sandy hair or even just the mere fact we consume more H2O! Summer really does revolve around the water. That’s where you might start to consider adding a water filter. Not only will it provide better quality for the water you drink, but the water we wash ourselves in is absorbed through the skin too, so a filtered showerhead can be a good idea. Getting better quality water for your family via filtration is an easy step to take, and each tap need not be fitted with a custom filter – just call us on 02 9199 7483 for a quote to have your whole home filtration system installed.

Do you have any leaks around the home?

You are already using excess water during the summer months – why waste it too? Get your property assessed for leaks and make a world of difference during these peak water use times. Your wallet will thank you and so will the environment.

Dry spell for your garden an issue?

This is also a great time of year to consider saving water for use in your garden should it remain dry and surprise us all! Placing a bucket in the shower to catch runoff, capturing the water from the rinse cycle of your washing machine or even washing your car with no chemical agents on your lawn are all excellent ways to preserve water and maintain a happy healthy yard should it stay dry! Other handy water tips for the garden can be found at the website for Sydney Water.

Hopefully we can have you just that little bit more prepared for the storm season this year. For any plumbing concerns with your property, call us now on 02 9199 7483 or contact us here.

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