Should I use drain cleaning solutions to unclog my drain?

Should I use drain cleaning solutions to unclog my drain?

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Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions at All Costs

Chemical drain cleaners are easily available. You just have to go to the grocery store to pick up a jug. In fact, the companies that make the stuff advertise it as being the answer to all drain problems. However, using professional drain repair is the right way to unclog a situation.


These are volatile substances that are corrosive to your pipes as well as poisonous in nature. These chemical solutions pollute water, damage plumbing fixtures, and even harm human skin. Chemical drain cleaners are hazardous and harmful to your health. They cause serious health issues when inhaled or touched. Exposure to these chemicals can happen at any moment if you have them in your home.


What Happens When You Use It?
Although a chemical drain cleaner can remove a clog, it causes damages to your piping system. For instance, it causes pit marks on sink basins; it may tarnish or remove finishes on faucets and drain coverings. And if you happen to splatter the stuff in your eyes or on your skin, well, let’s say it causes irreversible damage.


Pipe Damage:
Most plumbing professionals agree, chemical drain cleaners cause lasting pipe damage. The acids in these cleaners corrode metal pipes, especially older ones. Unfortunately, you usually can’t tell right away when the corrosion has started. The problem is a progressive one.


Before you even consider using chemical drain cleaners you need to know what types of pipes are in your home. Soft PVC pipes are often softened by chemical drain cleaners and this can weaken their structure, eventually causing them to break. Older ceramic or metal pipes can also be corroded by this type of chemical.


Bottom Line:
While a chemical drain cleaner may be the least expensive method of unclogging a drain, it can cause more severe damage – and the cost of fixing broken pipes is much more expensive than the minimal price you pay for the cleaner.


Besides, chemical cleaners are not biodegradable and damage the environment. They cause fish and other water life to die. It is best to skip the drain cleaner and hire a professional for your drain cleaning services.


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