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Signs Your Hot Water Heater Needs Maintenance

Signs Your Hot Water Heater Needs Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance

Does your hot water heater need repair?

The hot water tank is one of the most important systems in the home. While some tanks will just go out completely with little to no warning, others will give signs that a mechanical breakdown is just around the corner. So what signs should a person look for that signal trouble with a hot water heater needs maintenance? When you see these things, it’s time to call in professional help.

Hot water system will leak when they start having problems. It is not uncommon to see water dripping out of the pressure relief valve when something going on inside the tank is not right. Other common leaks can be easily fixed. However; when you see a trail of water on the floor by the tank, it is time to call in help.

Not Enough Hot Water/No Hot Water:
The hot water tank has two heating elements inside; this is what heats the water. When one or both of the elements go out, the end result is no hot water. However, if an element starts to get weak or is on the fritz, it may not heat the water like before. Also, if one element is out and the other one is still working, the end result can be hot water, but not nearly enough. Signs to watch for are when the shower is going cold and not enough hot water to even do the dishes. While a couple of different things can cause there to be no hot water, the thermostat is the usual culprit.

Rusty Colored Water:
If the hot water is coming out of the tap discolored it can point to the hot water heater. While rusty pipes can do the same thing, sediment fills in the bottom of the tank and can eventually be released into the water stream. A hot water tank that is full of sediment will need to be replaced. This usually happens when a unit is of advanced age and has time to create a build-up in the bottom.

The hot water tank is most valuable when showering or washing dishes. It is essential for a family to function. When the first sign of trouble occurs, make sure to call out a professional for assistance. A hot water tank whether it’s a Gas or electric and this should always be handled by a trained professional. If you’re in need of Hot Water Services in the North Shore or Northern beaches areas, then give us a call today at 02 9451-1863.

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