Ways to reduce the energy consumption in your home

Ways to reduce the energy consumption in your home

Energy Consumption

Ways to reduce the energy consumption in your home

North Shore Hot Water Heater MaintenanceA hot water heater is a very vital part of our everyday experience. This so, especially in areas where the winters are extremely cold. The unit can definitely become a life saver. An efficient heater is just as important. The article will identify a few steps that are necessary in maintaining a lower energy consuming hot water heater.


The first thing to do before purchasing a heater is to inquire online and among associates as to the efficiency of their current hot water heater. The energy consuming characteristics and the brand of the heater are two vital information to know. This allows you to shortlist and pick one of the best in the group at saving energy.


After purchasing a hot water heater, a homeowner who is concerned about his or her home energy bill will find a way to determine how much water the heater can process and how long it can be kept hot. In other words, try to keep the heater in operation only during the time showers will be taken. Turn it on early in the morning to heat the morning water for showering and turn it off afterwards. This process should also be repeated in the early evening and the equipment left off during the entire night.


North Shore PlumberA efficient yet overlooked aspect of saving on your hot water heater’s energy consumption is to simply turn down the thermostat on the unit. Try to avoid using extremely hot water to do any kind of activity. In fact, it would be quite advantageous to have the household to get used to using slightly warmed water to all their daily activities, not boiling hot water that needs dilution. Household members are usually socialized into thinking the only hot water should be used and is beneficial in conducting household chores. They get use to and stick to this ideal. So, whenever the water temperature falls below a certain temperature, it causes panic among members of the household.


Two bad habits in the house that would be monitored if the hot water heater bill is to be reduced, is the length of time showers are taken and letting the precious hot/warm water run profusely when it is being used. First, members should get into the habit of water consumption and cut their showering time in half. The longer one takes a shower doesn’t necessarily means the cleaner one gets. Secondly, teach the children to turn off faucets while brushing their teeth. Most importantly, if each household member could be shown how to use a cup of water for brushing teeth, this could positively impact the annual energy consumption.

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