Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical Drain Cleaner

Dealing with a blocked drain?

Using chemical based drain cleaner to deal with blocked drains in homes is not a good idea. These chemical based household products have deadly toxins in them which are not healthy to breath and the chemicals are not good for the environment. It is very common that accidents happen and small children sometimes get a hold of these products and the children become poisoned from these products.


The marketplace has a variety of household cleaning solutions for toilets and sink drains which are organically produced and do not poses the toxic chemical cocktails of traditional cleaning products. Environmentalists not only support the facts that these chemical based products often contaminate the water supplies and can result in a community which faces health problems. Not only are these products toxic to communities, but the packaging which these drain cleaning solutions come in are highly non bio degradable. Plastic is the most common form of packaging that these products come in, and most consumers just throw the plastic bottles away once they are done using the cleaning agent. This is not a good method to use for disposing these containers and packages. Many communities are trying to improve their disposal process and have begun to initiate recycle programs which properly break down the complex chemical base of plastics. This process allows the bottle which was previously a container for a drainage cleaning solution to be reintroduced as another useful product or container.


Children should also be considered as a prime reason for not purchasing chemical based drain cleaner for a household. Children are more likely to be curious about things that they see underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks. Small children are more likely to mistake these chemical containers with bright and stylist labels to be something they can drink. Products that are more eco friendly and not chemical based are less likely to poison or potentially kill a child if they are accidentally ingested.


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