Four ways to fix a blocked toilet

Four ways to fix a blocked toilet

Four ways to fix a blocked toilet

The catastrophic events that unroll with a clogged toilet is possibly one of the oldest and funniest comedy skits known to man. That’s because it can be pretty funny when you’re watching it in a movie or TV series. It’s a totally different story when it’s in your own home. Sometimes it can be fixed pretty quickly but other times it might require some extensive plumbing work. Here’s 4 ways you can quick fix the toilet yourself.

The chemical solution

If the bowl is not overflowing, you can try unblocking a toilet with drain-opening chemicals to soften or break down the materials that are causing the blockage. Pour the chemical into the toilet bowl and leave it for about 15 minutes. This should loosen up the blockage. The water level should go down at this point which indicates that the blockage is moving and the toilet may eventually drain on its own. When the water level is low, flush it once to finally clear out the blockage.

If you try this method, try to consider the environment by using eco-friendly and green products. Not only is this great for mother nature but it’s also much healthier for your own family, especially little ones and pets.

Try using a plunger

Blocked toilets in your own home can often be related to something that was sent through them that was too large for the toilet system to handle. In cases like these, using a plunger often works if the problem is immediate blockage, such as a hand towel accidentally dropped in and flushed by a child.

If the toilet overflow is being caused by something more organic, a plunger should also do the trick but if this still doesn’t work, then you might need to consider that the problem is slightly more extensive.

Is the toilet blocked by root systems?

If you live in a less built up residential area, either on the outskirts of Sydney or even more rural, large tree root systems around your home might actually be the cause of your toilet overflowing. This happens when tree roots grow into your sewage pipe and cause the outflow from your house to be impacted. Tree roots cause enormous damage underground and these types of blockages may require detailed investigation of underground pipes to identify where the problem is occurring. Underground pipe repairs can be disruptive and costly depending on how difficult it is to access the problem area. If you suspect that this could be the problem, be sure to give your local plumber a call who will be able to quickly identify if this is in fact the cause.

Who installed your pipes?

If none of the above solved the problem then you might be looking at something slightly more extensive such as pipe replacements. With the dramatic rise in popularity of DIY repairs and home renovations, there has been an increase in poorly installed plumbing and drainage pipes. Incorrect installation is not only dangerous but could also damage other parts of your or your neighbours’ property, which can quickly add up to a huge expense (that you’ll need to cover).

Choosing the right pipes is an integral part of any plumbing job and so is choosing the right people to unblock toilet systems. It is vital that whoever does the job, has a full understanding of how a good plumbing system works.

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