Is Your Water Really Supposed to Look That Way?

Is Your Water Really Supposed to Look That Way?


Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention

Discolored WaterHave you noticed the water coming out of your sink is mysteriously a different color? This can make you run for the hills and want to refuse to use it at all, and who can blame you? Different colors in your water mean different things, so understanding and knowing what each does is especially important. This way, you can potentially determine what is the best course of action to take while waiting for a professional plumber.

Red or Brown

If you turn on the faucet and the water runs out in a red or even brown rush color, it typically is because there is iron or manganese in the water. Sometimes if you let your water sit and do not use a faucet for an extended period of time it is going to do this. Generally, allowing your water to run for a moment should clear it out. However, if the red or brown color continues, it probably means you have a pipe that is starting to deteriorate. To correct this you probably need to bring in a professional plumber to fix the situation.


Plumbing ServicesTypically, water becomes yellow when it moves through a marshland, followed by a beat soil. Generally, you are going to see this in the New England, Southeast and Northwestern areas of the United States, plus you might also see it in regions around the Great Lakes. You are more likely to see it if you use a shallow water supply well. The color is due to the soil from the surrounding area, but it is not going to cause any sort of problem. You can set of a purifier to remove the color, but it generally is not going to change the taste or smell of the water.

Blue or Green

If you see blue or green, it is the result of copper in the water. When this happens, it means you probably have a copper pipe that has become corrosive and is starting to deteriorate into your water supply. Copper in your water can also start to bring about health problems, ranging from vomiting to gastrointestinal distress. Due to this, if your water is blue or green, it is very important for you to bring in a professional plumber and have them look over your plumbing system and make the necessary corrections in your home.

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