How often should I have my hot water heater checked out?

How often should I have my hot water heater checked out?

Signs Your Hot Water Heater Is In Need Of Repairs

Your hot water heater is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. Without it, you’d be forced to take baths, do laundry, wash dishes or prepare meals using cold water. These days, it’s easy to take that convenience and efficiency for granted. It’s important to be familiar with your hot water heater, because if something goes wrong, you’ll need to have it fixed or replaced. Here are some signs that your hot water heater is in need of repairs.


Old Age:
If your hot water heater is very old, it may no longer be functioning effectively. One sign of this is hot water supplies that are frequently low or take too long to become available. You may also experience increased energy bills, which can be caused by inefficient consumption of gas or electricity due to aging and wear.


Discolored Water:
If you notice brown, yellow or reddish water coming from your faucets when you turn on the hot water, it’s an indication of a corrosion problem. Your hot water heater’s tank contains an anode, a specially treated piece of metal that prevents corrosion. Discolored water is a sign that this anode needs to be replaced.


Foul-Smelling Water:
Bacteria can accumulate inside of a hot water heater’s tank, which can produce foul smells in your tap water. Besides being unpleasant to smell, cooking with or drinking this water could potentially make you sick. If this happens, a plumber will need to clean and flush the tank.


Limescale Buildup:
If your area has a problem with hard water, you should know that it can cause problems with your hot water heater. Mineral deposits will accumulate in it over time, blocking pipes and possibly creating leaks.


Leaking from a hot water heater can indicate a variety of issues. Rust inside of the tank can cause seals to warp, mineral deposits can damage parts and old age can result in worn-out gaskets. It’s important to address any water heater leaks before they can cause water damage to your property.


In order to get the best possible life and performance from your home’s hot water heater, it’s crucial to stay on top of emerging problems. As soon as you notice any, it’s recommended to consult a qualified plumbing company for repairs.


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