What are the benefits of having a garbage disposal?

What are the benefits of having a garbage disposal?

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Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit For Your Home

Do you need a garbage disposal unit? These are excellent machines to add to any kitchen. Besides the time savings of simply putting most food scraps down the drain, there are a number of other benefits you can obtain from having a garbage disposal in your sink.


Our environment is damaged by methane gas released into the air. One of the greatest contributors to this methane gas release is rotting food that is in a land fill or dump. Grinding the food up into miniscule particles in a disposal can be a great aid to the environment. The food that would normally be going to the land fill is destroyed instead. Many people use compost heaps to dispose of food scraps, but this is not always the best method of disposal. Composts can attract rodents and other animals while a modern wastewater treatment is cleaner and more practical. Rotting food in your kitchen garbage bag can be a source of insect attraction and infestation. Ants and other insects can enter the house through the walls and invade your kitchen. Using sprays to repel the insects is not healthful for the household, it is better to eliminate the source of the attraction, a garbage disposal unit can help solve this problem. The kitchen area will smell cleaner and be safer.


Garbage disposal units are quickly installed by a trained professional and are easy to use. It merely takes a few seconds with the power on to destroy food scraps and waste. The remaining watery sludge is sent to a wastewater treatment plant where it can be recycled. If you have a septic tank, the sludge is stored there until the tank is drained. For many kitchen sinks, clogs are a problem. Food waste becomes lodged in the line and backs up water into the sink. A garbage disposal helps prevent this by destroying the food scraps that could potentially clog the sink drain. Garbage disposal units are clean and green and well worth looking into for your kitchen.


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