Should I have a plumbing inspection done on my new home?

Should I have a plumbing inspection done on my new home?

Plumbing Inspection

Benefits of a Plumbing Inspection for New Homeowners

New home buyers may wonder, “Why do I need a plumbing inspection when I am already getting a home inspection?” Buying a new home is the largest investment that most people make. The seller may honestly state that there are no problems in the plumbing system, but there could be problems that only a certified plumbing expert could find. This is because a plumbing expert can go beyond interior walls and floors to find problems such as checking if there is adequate water pressure throughout the plumbing system.

In addition, plumbing inspection gives new home buyers specific knowledge of problems that could be expensive to repair. If a buyer skips a plumbing inspection, they can end up paying to have drywall pulled out of the room because of water pipes are making annoying noises.

A thorough plumbing inspection can save on long-term energy and maintenance costs. The inspection could show that the water heater may need to be replaced in the near future. A faulty toilet tank flap will leak many gallons of water a day and keep it from flushing properly. There could be a leak under the sink that has damaged the sink cabinet and gone unnoticed by the seller. A plumbing professional can also locate the source of unusual odors in the home.

An inspection will also give you more detailed information, such as the location of shut-off valves for any water lines in case of emergency or if you want to shut off water to change or repair dish or clothes washers.

A plumbing inspector can check to see if any recent repairs to pipes or fixtures have been done properly. The seller may have tried to do plumbing work themselves to save money but did not know what they were doing.

If there are any problems, it does not mean; they are a deal breaker. The home buyer can use the problems found during the inspection to negotiate a reduction in price or have the current owner see that any needed repairs are made.

A properly functioning home plumbing system is largely unseen, but it is a vital component in making your home comfortable that goes beyond furnishing and interior decoration so you can live with ease and comfort.

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