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Should I hire a plumber to help me remodel?

Should I hire a plumber to help me remodel?

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Plumbing Jobs That You Should Not Attempt On Your Own

There are many small plumbing repairs around the home that can easily be done by the homeowner without the need to hire a professional plumber. These small repairs can range from fixing a leaky sink or unclogging a garbage disposal. There are other plumbing repairs however that may seem simple at first, but if done incorrectly can lead to a variety of future issues that could cause damage to the home as well as costing a substantial amount of money in repairs. Here are some plumbing jobs that you should never attempt on your own.


You should never attempt to repair or replace a toilet on your own. This might seem like a very simple job on the surface. You simply measure the distance from the wall to the bolts in the floor, choose a new toilet at your local home center, and replace the seal and bolt in the toilet. Seems simple enough that any home owner could do. This is the reason many homeowners tackle this project and then find out months later they have serious issues that need to be addressed. When the toilet is installed it needs to be perfectly flush and sealed or leaks can occur.


The problem with a leaking toilet is that you will not see those leaks right away. This is especially true if the toilet was installed on a second floor. The water will slowly begin to leak into the floor each time the toilet is flushed. When the water drips into the floor it will continue to the lowest point. If the toilet is not flushed frequently, it could take months before you see a stain begin to appear in the ceiling under where the toilet is leaking. The problem with it taking this long is that all that water in that dark space between the floors is not growing black mold.


As black mold continues to grow and spread, you pose a serious health risk to family members. This in addition to the floor and ceiling becoming saturated to the point it will eventually come crashing down on you one day. Never replace a toilet without contacting a professional plumber first.


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