Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Maintenance

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Maintenance

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How is your garbage disposal running?

Many appliances in your kitchen help you to save time and make your life just a little bit easier. A garbage disposal actually goes one step further. A garbage disposal can cut down on your kitchen waste by over 20%, which is also great for the environment. In order to benefit from the use of your disposal, your unit needs to be running properly. Here are a few signs that your garbage disposal needs maintenance.

Constant Food Jams:
Similar to when your bathroom sink drain is clogged with hair and debris, your kitchen sink can get clogged up with occasional food particles. When the food is stuck inside the garbage disposal gear system, it will not run properly and can lead to a unit completely failing. To avoid the internals becoming clogged with food you need to eliminate putting larger pieces of dense food like bones and rinds in the drain.

Water Clogging Back Ups:
The purpose of your garbage disposal is to reduce backing up in your sink. If you see a back up of water usually turning the unit on for a second will flush the water down the drain immediately. If you need to run the unit for a longer period of time and see no drop in the water level then this is a sign that there may be maintenance needed on the disposal and a plumber should be contacted before further damage in incurred.

Screeching Grinding Metallic Noises:
Any metallic noises not related to the grinding of the foods in your disposal is never a good sign. A weird sound from the unit that is metal related usually indicates a part is loose or has broken free within the garbage disposal itself. If your disposal becomes inoperable then you run the risk of if freezing up with food inside. You can damage the entire system if left untreated. Identifying this trouble early on could allow you to have the unit maintained and the part tightened or replaced, which will cost significantly less than a new unit.

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