Reasons To Consider A Tankless Hot Water Heater

Reasons To Consider A Tankless Hot Water Heater

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Tankless hot water heaters are rapidly becoming common in many new homes. Quite different from the more common tank storage hot water heaters, there are strong arguments on both sides of the debate as to which model is best. Efficiency and economy are the two main areas of interest when considering whether to go tankless. The Efficiency of tankless hot water heaters is an issue of some debate. The most celebrated benefit of tankless systems is their ability to provide hot water instantaneously. When the unit is called upon to give hot water, the igniter fires to produce enough heat to provide the desired temperature. One knock against these systems is that they sometimes do not fire if the water demand is really low. Also, the elapsed time before the water gets hot enough may be longer than desired because the unit is determining how much heat is needed to reach the desired temperature.

Economy is another major influence on this decision. Tankless hot water heaters are more expensive initially and require more setup cost. At an average of three to four times more than a traditional storage system, the savings that is advertised is long term. Some studies have been done that suggest a savings of about $75.00 per year in electricity.

One major benefit of the tankless system is that it is gas-powered. Gas burns hotter, so the water can be heated quickly even during loss of power. Of course, not having access to natural gas would limit the consumer to propane use, but many tankless systems are set up to be used with either.

Storage tank systems have been used effectively for years, and many people will continue to use them. As tankless systems become less expensive and require less maintenance, they may be utilized more. The ability to produce hot water in larger quantities for longer time periods is certainly appealing, but it is important to weigh out the benefits for each situation, especially if finances are an issue.

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