Signs Your Hot Water Service Needs Maintenance

Signs Your Hot Water Service Needs Maintenance

Hot Water Service

Is your hot water service running smoothly?

Maintenance is important with your hot water service just like anything else. Proper care equals proper operation. The water taking longer than usual to heat is usually the number one sign that your hot water service needs your attention. However, there are several other things to look out for.


Another clue your hot water service may need maintenance is a rusty color of water coming out of your faucet. Often times, hot water services that need work will heat up, however, not as hot as normal. Usually when this happens, the elements of your hot water service are going out. A hot water service can run for quite awhile in this state sometimes. If you find yours is doing this, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. If you do, your repair bill will be much higher. Always look for first signs.


A big clue would be your hot water service leaking. If you see standing water by your hot water service, don’t try and fix this yourself, call in a professional plumber. A small leak may be fixable, however, if in doubt, always call.


Another sign to look out for is a bad odor to your water. This could be any number of things, don’t wait too long, and try and fix it yourself. With electric water heaters, there could be a problem with the fuse box or pilot light when the water is not getting as hot as usual.


A friendly piece of advice when purchasing a hot water service is to chose one with a self-cleaning feature. This will help with the life of your hot water service. Another tip would be to flush your hot water service every year. The sediments that collect at the bottom can destroy a hot water service quickly. It’s always best to get a professional to fix these problems. All too often, home owners wait too long and end up buying a whole new hot water service.


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